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16 strategies for successful holiday sales. Part 3.

7. Free gifts with order.

8. Offer holiday bundles to increase average order value (AOV).

9. Delight your customers with a holiday mystery box.

Let's consider three more strategies, how with the help of gifts and bundles, you can make customers more loyal and increase the number of orders during the sales season.

7. Free gifts with order.

You can increase the number of orders during the holiday season thanks to a free gift with each order. It's a great way to get into the holiday spirit and build loyalty.

Such a promotion makes your customers happy and sets them up to buy. You can offer something inexpensive that does not require additional shipping costs.

As part of the holiday campaign, Pandora was offering a free limited-edition Christmas ornament with every purchase over $150. In this way, Pandora increased customer loyalty and increased the number of orders due to the gift, while increasing the value of the free jewelry by releasing them in limited quantities.

Another example is the well-known ATB, who last year sold festive chocolate eggs inside with a silver decoration or a certificate for a discount from one of the jewelry stores. In a few days, thanks to bloggers from TikTok, this product became wildly popular, every second video on social networks was about unwrapping a "pink egg from ATB". The cost of the jewelry found was not high, but the certificates found brought more than one customer to the store, because when choosing jewelry as a gift, why not take advantage of the already available discount.

Another example that allowed to increase sales, the CocaCola company launches a campaign during the holiday period, where when you buy two large bottles of the drink with a volume of 2 liters, you get a branded glass as a gift. By the way, such gifts for drinks are becoming more and more popular every year. The main condition that will increase the value of such a gift is the limited lot and the condition that it cannot be purchased separately, only received as a gift when purchasing other company products.

Offering free gifts can be a great Christmas marketing idea, they make everyone feel special and show that you care enough to share the holiday spirit with your customers.

It is worth noting that this method works as a powerful conversion accelerator and helps to get as many sales as possible.

8. Offer Holiday Bundles to Increase Average Order Value (AOV).

Bundles are a great idea for holiday sales. They are very popular with customers because they provide more value than individual products. As a rule, such sets are offered at reduced prices, which is why customers like them so much.

A set of products at a reduced price will increase the number of sales and increase the average order value (AOV). This is critical, especially for e-commerce companies.

Follow these holiday marketing tips to create compelling bundles:

  • The price of the goods in the set should be lower than if the buyer buys them separately, then it works.
  • Advertise the holiday set on social networks. You can bundle similar products and promote them on your website and social media.
  • Smartly combine products in a set - form a set in such a way that it includes at least one of the popular products. Combine popular products with new products and additional products in holiday offers. This approach will allow customers to get what they already love and try something new in one set.
  • Use hashtags and holiday names. The festive name of the set will make its purchase even more attractive, and it will also make it easier to promote it on social networks with the help of hashtags, which will attract even more people.

Do not forget to provide the buyer with information about the contents of the set and the benefit he will receive (usually the price of each item in the set and savings when buying the set are indicated), clearly describe the validity period of the offer and the terms of return.

9. Delight your customers with a holiday mystery box.

A holiday marketing campaign using a Mystery Box is really fun and grabs the attention of customers. Mystery goods not only increase sales, but also increase customer satisfaction, not only children love to receive pleasant surprises.

What is a Mystery Box and why are customers so fond of it?

Most people associate the Christmas and New Year holidays with childhood and pleasant surprises under the Christmas tree, when we eagerly waited until the morning to open such an expected gift. The sale of mysterious goods partially brings us back to childhood and makes us wait with impatience and trepidation to receive the ordered box.

Mystery boxes work in different ways depending on the business, but the main principle of such a purchase is that you don't know exactly what product you will receive. You click "add to cart", get a collection of certain products with a total value more than the price of the box. These will be goods from the same category or different purposes, each company decides depending on the demand and needs certain testing, because it works in all areas in different ways.

In European countries, before the Christmas holidays, a kind of mysterious box - an Advent calendar - is very popular. Traditionally, the Advent calendar contains 24 cells with a gift, one for each day from December 1 to 24, this allows you to create a pre-holiday mood and delight yourself with pleasant surprises on the eve of Christmas.

There are many varieties of such calendars on shelves in supermarkets, websites and Instagram pages. Kinder, Lego, NIVEA, Maybelline, Sinsay and many other brands offer their customers to buy an Advent calendar for themselves or as a gift. The filling of such boxes is very diverse and depends on the company, it can be different types of candies or cosmetics, goodies for pets, socks, wishes for the day and many others.

In Tik Tok, on the eve of the holidays, videos with the unwrapping of Advent calendars of various kinds are gaining popularity. Some bloggers even launch live broadcasts with an overview of Advent calendars from certain brands and open a certain window number at the request of their followers.

With the help of mystery boxes, companies create a pre-holiday mood in their customers and draw attention to their products. An advent calendar with products of your brand will help customers remember your company for 24 days, and if the products are of high quality and useful, be sure that they will want to share them with friends and relatives.

Here are some more tips to delight your customers and increase sales:

  • Free Shipping – Offer your customers free shipping when their order is over a set amount.
  • Add mystery items and gifts – receiving gifts before ordering makes customers loyal, whether it is a discount on the next purchase or a useful gift for purchased goods, each brand decides independently.
  • Instant discount - attract new customers by offering an instant discount on the first order, subject to registration on the site or subscription to news and offers from the company.
  • Cross-sell – Offer similar products that are useful and that other customers purchase bundled with their order throughout the purchase journey to increase the average check.

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