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The right marketing strategy will help make the holiday sales season profitable. Here is a list of the best holiday marketing ideas with examples that can help businesses increase revenue and build long-term customer relationships.

  1. Get your website ready for the holiday sales.
  2. Early access for VIP clients.
  3. Distribution of holiday gifts in social networks.
  4. Adaptability and mobile applications.
  5. Festive video ad.
  6. Collaborate with influencers and bloggers.
  7. Free gifts with the order.
  8. Offer holiday bundles to increase your average order value (AOV).
  9. Delight your customers with mysterious sales ideas.
  10. Holiday offers for late buyers.
  11. Use user-generated content.
  12. Use reviews wisely as a holiday marketing strategy.
  13. Offline channels for holiday marketing campaigns.
  14. Get your customers to book again with limited offers.
  15. Run paid holiday advertising campaigns.
  16. Keep your brand in the spotlight with email marketing.

Let's take a look at the best ideas and examples of holiday marketing campaigns so you can have a successful holiday season.

16 holiday sales strategies. Part 1

1. Get your website ready for the holiday sales.

The holiday season can generate up to 30% more sales with a smart marketing strategy.
As you know, buyers always spend more on holidays and make purchases and orders much faster than under normal circumstances. Festive design greatly enhances the user experience. Grab attention and set the user up for conversion on the site by adding festive elements that always attract and create a festive atmosphere for visitors.

Use holiday calls to action. Holiday calls to action are a great way to get your online customers in the shopping mood. Be sure to take the time to update your CTAs in line with the holiday event. Something like: "Make this Christmas unforgettable with our decorations", or "Give your loved ones warm holidays with our heater", "Our coffee that brings the aroma together."

To get the most transactions during the holiday season, use the right color and design elements. Less text, more visuals.

All the benefits that the client will receive along with your product should be as clearly described as possible and placed in the visible area of ​​the site so that the visitor sees and pays attention to them.

Place personal holiday greetings in your chat widget.

It is not necessary to completely change the design of the main page if you have a limited budget, it is enough to add certain elements that will create the appropriate mood. To do this, use banners, carousels and pop-ups containing information about a big sale on the site or a sale in a certain category of goods.

Don't forget about site loading speed - one second delay can lead to a 7% drop in conversions. Page load speed has an impact on the visitor experience, especially during the holiday rush.

2. Grant early access to VIP clients.

For subscribers and regular customers, the offer of early access before the holiday peak will help to attract attention, remind you of your company on the eve of the holidays, and get additional information about your products and offers in order to plan your expenses. Not everyone makes impulse purchases for the holidays, so you're reaching the kind of shoppers who pre-select gifts. During the start of sales, they compare the best offers from different stores and choose the most attractive ones.

Increase the loyalty of regular customers by sending coupons or promo codes with an exclusive discount by e-mail. Especially relevant during the sale - exclusive offers for customers who have shared their story, photos or feedback on social networks and tagged your page. In recent years, personal promo codes for bloggers have also gained popularity, when not only one client receives a discount, but everyone who made an order with his personal promo code. Thus, the coverage is growing, and with the help of personal codes, it is very convenient to track from which channel there were more orders.

Premium Access - Give your premium customers the benefits of early access to holiday deals, this gives you a sense of exclusivity and special treatment and will help keep your best customers and make them prefer your products. At the same time, it will be an incentive for other clients to get this status.

Start advertising early - it's important to announce the start of the sale and discount season ahead of the competition and before the holiday madness begins. Announcing the start of sales in advance will attract attention and not get lost among competitors' advertising. In addition, pre-orders and holiday sales entries help you plan ahead and make it easier to manage and fulfill orders during the holiday turmoil.

3. Distribution of holiday gifts in social networks.

Giveaways are a very effective method to attract current and new subscribers and create buzz for the upcoming event. As a rule, ask subscribers to comment, share, like, etc. is a great tactic to further engage your audience and increase your reach.

Brands use giveaways in the hope of generating interest and increasing sales of their products or services. Using sweepstakes and advertising contests, you can easily get your target audience interested in your brand before the upcoming holidays and sales.
Depending on your audience size and budget, you can choose to run a TikTok hashtag contest, a photo caption contest, or run a holiday quiz or wish contest on your Facebook or Instagram page.

Choose gifts depending on the holiday and the budget of the company, these can be branded trinkets such as: magnets, a New Year's toy with a logo, a pen, a notebook, a snowball, an anti-stress coloring book, a thermal cup, a set of probes, etc. Also popular are: electronic certificates for a discount, a service as a gift, free diagnostics, test access, a free upgrade or another presentation option for the audience, it all depends on the type of your business and budget and is limited only by your imagination.

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The holidays are one of the best times to invest in an emotional connection with your target audience. And if you know how to increase customer engagement, you can always increase conversions significantly. A detailed analysis of the buyer persona and segmentation of customers will make your offers more personalized and will allow you to succeed in holiday sales, because you will offer exactly what your customers are interested in.

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The biggest worry for last-minute shoppers is whether the gifts will arrive on time. Play on the excitement and win them over with fast shipping that is guaranteed to deliver on time. Posting about your products or services from satisfied customers who want to share a positive experience with their friends is the best holiday marketing strategy. Including social proof in the form of photos, reviews, or stories can instill confidence in shoppers to make a purchase.

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You can increase the number of orders during the holiday period with a free gift for each order. Bundles are a great idea for holiday sales. They are very popular with buyers as they provide more value than individual products. As a rule, such sets are offered at reduced prices, which is why customers love them so much. Mystery goods not only increase sales, but increase customer satisfaction, not only children love to receive pleasant surprises.

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