The Company Story

The market for domestic web services is relatively young. Therefore, not every company managed to show itself on it. Dream-Line has already won its Ukrainian web buyer. If you ask due to what happened, the answer is very simple. Our company has an impressive growth. Individual approach and efficiency at any time of the day, because it is important for us to work for you!

What We Do

  • Improving the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of employees.
  • Clear and well-timed orientation on the web market.
  • Activities in such important areas as advertising and marketing on the web, Analytics, creation and optimization of sites, etc...

We will do our best to create a wonderful website especially for you!

The mentor and the team

Success in the market means not only taking into account the experience of competitors and the achievements of the IT sector, but also fruitful work under balanced and wise leadership.

A professional mentor has created an equally skilled team, which consists of young programmers, designers, analysts, and other professionals. What is great about our team is not only professional activity but also the ability to always keep a friendly atmosphere and various ways to relax together.

Our Studio Will Help You

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Our Team


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Back-End Developer
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Front-End Developer
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Back-End Developer
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Product Designer
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