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Corporate website for ORION BUDUYE

Real Marriage

Real Marriage - Reliable and Secure Matchmaking Agency was created specially for women and men who are ready to meet and develop their further relations and future.


Do you want to buy household appliances, a smartphone, business goods in one place, while spending a minimum amount of your time? The TEHNOmarket online store will gladly help you.


"ODENA" Medical Dental Center is accredited and is always improving its equipment and knowledge for the sake of better quality and modern care for patients, because medicine does not stand still and is rapidly moving forward.


Children's center "DoShkolaryk" is the first and only center in the city of Vinnytsia, the main specialization of which is the comprehensive preparation of preschoolers for school.

If comprehensive preparation of a child for school in all disciplines is relevant for you, then you should come to "DoShkolaryk", where your child will acquire all the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for a first-grader .


Educational Search - a specialized portal about education in Ukraine.

One way or another, each of us occurs quite often has the question "Where and why to study?". The main goal of the EduSearch website is to answer this question.


"Vladena" online lingerie store is the place where a woman can immerse herself in the world of lingerie and choose something special for herself. Their goal is for every girl and woman to be able to choose the model of underwear or clothes that will create comfort and a great mood for her every day.

EDELWEISS - Public organization to help children in Ukraine

EDELWEISS is a Public organization Association of people with disabilities. For 5 years they have been helping children from all over Ukraine.


Official representation of leading German companies in Ukraine.

М’яке Тепло

By combining design, high-quality accessories and the most valuable natural characteristics of natural fur sheepskin, they produce warm soft products in their own sewing production.

Taplink for Express Beauty

Taplink is a resource for Instagram that helps promote your services in this social network.


VIAlogistik is a reliable provider of integrated logistics services. They are a young team, but they have considerable experience and are ready to help you solve any logistical problems.


We are finished new project for an advertising agency "Bastion". Task was in a faster transfer to new platform, easy subsequent management and responsive design for all devices


Etude was founded in 2008 by a team of professionals in the furniture industry. The company produces stylish and comfortable furniture, individually for each client. All projects are developed in cooperation with the client, taking into account all the wishes and peculiarities.


Pressed Mini-Napkin napkins are a profitable solution for every restaurant, bar, hotel, SPA-salon, cosmetology, and massage parlor. 


Our company is engaged in organizing fact-finding visits to Chernobyl. The duration of the tour can be 1-5 days.

Stara Hata

On the site starahata.com you can view images on any subject, from good urban photography to ideas for grand photo projects

Express Beauty


PRO ceilings

PRO ceilings - a professional in the installation of stretch ceilings. We have over 10 years of experience in installation work. 


Book UA - online store selling books from leading Ukrainian publishing houses in Canada. 


The ReklaMAX company is the manufacture of all types of advertising services in the Vinnitsa and Vinnitsa regions, including outdoor advertising, the manufacture of signboards and their further placement.


In Vinnytsia, there is a place where children learn the most important, the most interesting, a place where they get answers to all their questions.




HSC "BARSKIY" offers apartments in the new residential area "RAINBOW"

Podillya ceilings

Stretch Ceilings. We leave for measurement free of charge, across all Vinnytsia region

Typography Success Ideas

The main goal of the company is to realize the needs of our customers in printing and advertising products.

"UVK" - Roofing Materials

The purpose and mission of the company is to provide the buyer with a large selection of high quality goods that will provide comfortable conditions for construction and living in your home.


Halyna Mangusheva is an airbrush artist

ЧП "Агро - Текс Плюс"

The acquisition of modern agricultural equipment is an important step in the life of any enterprise.


Hotel - SPA complex DENINNA is an island of comfort, rest and relaxation, which has been successfully operating for over 12 years in a quiet sleeping area near the center of Vinnytsia.

Эдельвейс и К

The Эдельвейс и К company provides a wide range of printing and printing services (unlimited printing opportunities) office equipment and household goods.

Yanko Travel Agency

We have been working in the tourism market for 14 years, and we have a confident future ahead.


Modern dentistry

Marcato group

Today, Marcato Group specialists continue to prove to their customers that they are able not only to solve the most complex problems, but also to do so with the greatest possible efficiency.


The company from Vinnitsa ArtKam won the right to leadership in the Ukrainian market of finishing services back in 2006.


Online store FatHouse is designed to help you in a difficult choice among a variety of products and layout of materials to create the repair of your dreams.

Goodkovskaya EnglishClub

The main direction is preparation for an interview, passing the international exams IELTS TOEFL, corporate English.

Near the fountain

HOTEL At the fountain in Vinnytsia


Preparation courses for EIA, NMT, DPA

At Result ZNO, the success of our students is our joint result.


Agriculture. Growing of grain and cereal crops

Region Auto

Region Auto is a leading international transport bus company specializing in transporting passengers from Ukraine to Germany and back for more than 11 years. Founded in 2012, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable and convenient carrier, providing high-quality service and comfortable conditions for its passengers.

Kebab Drive

 Kebab Drive

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