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Questions about Landing Page as Lead Capture Page.

The purpose of creating a landing.

Using a minimum of funds, convince the maximum number of visitors to take a certain action. If in the first 3 seconds the user does not understand what is offered to him, he usually leaves the site.

Differences of Lead Capture Page from a regular site.

A landing page is a marketing tool for promoting a certain type of product or service.
The main difference from regular sites is the quantity and quality of information. The landing page should contain a minimum of information that will cover the maximum number of visitor questions about the product.
If there is a lot of information, the client may get bored and not reach the conversion. If there is little information or it is not informative, the client will leave the site and go to competitors.
A selling site requires careful study of a unique selling proposition (USP), calls to action, descriptions, and placement of buttons.

Landing types.

Advertising - is created independently of the main site, to launch an advertising campaign of a certain type of goods or services. Often used for off-season remarketing.
Selling - a site for selling one type of goods.
Informational - to collect subscribers or contacts.
Promo site - used to launch promotions and announce events.

Basic elements of a landing page.

  • Header - contains a logo, a menu with navigation buttons, a feedback button, and phones.
  • The USP headline is a unique selling proposition. The main task of USP is to attract attention and “hook” the visitor.
  • Subtitle - located next to the USP or below it. Its task is to motivate the visitor to a certain action.
  • Image - visually should complement the USP, sets the overall style of the page.
  • Selling text - a short text describing the benefits of the product. The text should be minimal in volume while covering all questions about the product and objections of the buyer as much as possible.
  • Call to action - along with the request form, are placed in several places throughout the page, leading the visitor to perform the targeted action.
  • Social proof is a piece of information that inspires buyer confidence. These can be certificates, customer reviews, a list of partner companies, information from the manufacturer.
  • Footer and Contacts are a must. It contains a map of the location, company contacts, and links to social networks.

Models for building a selling landing.

AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Building a landing page according to the AIDA scheme allows you to increase sales, each site block is the next stage of the funnel. The purpose of this funnel is to follow the sequence: to attract the attention of the user, to interest, to warm up the desire, and lead to a conversion.
PMPHS - Pain, MP (more pain), Hope, Solution. Building a landing page according to the system from problem to solution. Another popular sequence for sales pages consists of the following steps: a description of the specific pain of the target audience; we concretize it, strengthen it; give hope; transform hope into a concrete solution. The disadvantages of this funnel are that it is more difficult to build than AIDA, requires a detailed study of the target audience, and is not suitable for all products.
ACCA - Attention (attention), Comprehension (understanding), Conviction (belief), Action (action). Building a landing page according to the ACCA scheme allows you to increase sales of a group of products where a person needs time to make a decision. The algorithm of this sequence is not designed for an emotional purchase, as in AIDA, but for a rational component and works when a decision is made in a balanced and calculated way.
When creating One-page sites, in the Dream-Line web studio, we usually use the block building scheme for AIDA.

Can a landing page appear in organic search results?

With high-quality content and SEO optimization, landing is quite capable of reaching the top of search results. It should be understood that this happens infrequently since the landing page does not allow you to fully assemble the semantic core. In any industry with high competition, large websites and online stores usually get to the top of the results. As a rule, landing pages are assigned to search results for low-frequency queries.

Do I need to connect a chatbot to the landing page?

Yes, for pages that offer specific or high-value products or services. When the buyer needs time to think and make a purchase decision (real estate, cars, etc.). For such sites, the benefit of a chatbot is the ability to collect contact information for further remarketing.

Is it worth spending time to make the best landing page the first time?

The secret of a selling landing page consists of content and traffic. A hastily made Landing can be unprofitable if you launch advertising with a solid budget without testing and refinement. It is not the landing itself that brings customers, but visitors who interact with the site and usually come from advertising. Making the perfect squeeze page on the first try is not an easy task. In any case, you will have to analyze statistics and track conversions, and then make changes to the site to improve results.
That is why, after the launch and filling, Dream-Line specialists stay in touch with the client for the operational improvement of the site, after analyzing the first statistics and testing the Online site.

Common mistakes when creating a Selling Page.

  • Lack of USP or low-quality USP. The USP is the hook that grabs the customer's attention and motivates them to look further. If the offer is uninteresting or duplicates the offer of competitors, it will not cling. It must be taken into account that the design for the USP is as important as the informational message.
  • Boring or repulsive design. The design should complement the content of the site and be visually pleasing. With its help, semantic blocks and calls to action are visually separated. Incorrect placement of blocks and placement of accents negatively affect conversions.
  • Low download speed. Sites with slow loading speeds receive lower search ranks, resulting in higher cost-per-click ads.
  • Broken triggers. Trigger - an element that encourages action. For example countdown timers and various dynamic promotions, restrictions, or discounts. Repeated in several places, they can cause distrust in the client or create the feeling that they are trying to deceive him, sell something of poor quality, or unnecessary. An inappropriate trigger that is placed in the wrong block will not work or will have the opposite effect.
  • Weak advantages and benefits. A lot of text without specifics does not give clear answers to the questions: “What will I get?”, “How are you better than your competitors?”, “Why buy here and now?”.
  • Lack of trust. Posting false reviews, empty pages on social networks, or no “live” account at all. The inability to check information about the company and read customer reviews, as a rule, causes distrust of visitors.
  • Incomprehensible STA. A call to action should be clear, cause a desire to buy or order, demonstrate benefits, and attract attention. If the site has a lot of different calls to action, the user will be confused about what exactly they are offered and what needs to be done. If you do not visually highlight the CTA, they will not pay attention to them. The STA form should not be too voluminous or contain complex security checks.

What platforms do we work with for Landing creation?

In the Dream-Line web studio, you can order the development of Landing on the following platforms:

  • Tilda - allows you to create a beautiful and working website for any area. The popularity of Tilda is due to the simplicity of the interface and a large selection of ready-made templates for one-page sites.
  • Taplink is a mini-landing that is created for commercial Instagram pages and solves the problem of traffic optimization and loss of sales.
  • Word Press - creating a selling page in this constructor, allows you to optimize the development cost thanks to plugins.
  • WIX is another constructor for landings, simple websites, promo pages. A feature of the service is rich opportunities for creating a design, as well as an SEO optimization wizard.

Reasons for low landing page sales?

The main factors why the client does not buy:

  • an incomprehensible, template offer that does not reveal the essence of the USP;
  • randomly placed blocks and no clear structure;
  • there is no Call to Action (CTA) button or it is hard to see;
  • poorly written text;
  • the design was developed without taking into account the principles of reading web pages;
  • the site loads longer than 5 seconds;
  • no emphasis on keywords;
  • non-target audience;
  • off-season offer;
  • more profitable promotions and offers from competitors;
  • the benefits of the product are poorly described, there is no motivation.

You can order a Landing page in the Dream Line web studio in a few clicks on the website or call +38(063)2-7777-59 +38(096)2-7777-59.

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