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Almost simultaneously with the emergence of the need to develop a site, logical questions arise: what are the prices for sites on the market now? How to make a website as profitable as possible?

As a rule, there are no specific prices on the website of the web studio, the minimum cost of work is indicated. This is explained by the fact that the budget depends on many factors, as a result of which the final amount for the work can be announced after drawing up the terms of reference.

Website development

What is the cost and what are the stages of website creation?

  • Preliminary marketing analysis of competitors, a study of a product or service
  • Development of technical specifications
  • Creation of a prototype by the requirements for the future site, a description of the implementation and functional requirements
  • Creation of a visual concept of the future resource, revision of the logo, selection of fonts and color schemes
  • Creation of design layouts of all internal pages
  • Integration with CMS, assembly and HTML layout, and adaptability testing
  • Programming and Integration of Functional Modules
  • Content preparation: analysis of statistics, writing texts, photo processing
  • Filling the site: posting content and filling in meta descriptions
  • SEO optimization: setting up micro-markup, optimizing the speed of loading pages and images
  • Cross-browser testing and adaptability debugging
  • Create accounts in Google Analytics
  • Connecting statistics collection counters and registration in search engines
  • Creation of corporate accounts and setting up receiving notifications from website forms (orders, letters, questions, etc.)
  • Configuring a client on hosting and connecting a domain

As you can see from the above, website creation is a long and laborious process, consisting of several stages. The listed points are not the only true for every website development process, but they are as close to reality as possible.

Based on the described process, the cost of the site is also added up, which can vary greatly from case to case. Website development - individually for each Customer. And, accordingly, the cost of its development cannot be standardized; it varies depending on the specific goals and objectives that are assigned to the developed web resource.

What affects the cost of website development:

The project's type and scope: landing page, corporate site, online store, information portal, etc. The type of site determines the amount of work performed, the time it takes to implement them and the human resources used.

The complexity of functionality: If a typical site can be accurately predicted in terms of development time and cost, then individual solutions involve more risks and therefore more resources are spent on them, respectively, the cost will be more expensive.

Development timeline: An urgent project requires a maximum of various resources for its implementation. It takes the most attention from different specialists and therefore the calculation is made taking into account the corresponding coefficient.

The need for content creation: Content of various types, such as video and photo shooting, processing of visual content, copywriting in large volumes, will also affect the cost upward.

If you need to answer the question of how much a site costs, then we can say that the price for creating a site ranges from $ 200 to $ 20,000 and depends on many factors: design, content, functionality, programming language in which the site will be developed, and others.

In any case, we must remember that each site is unique, and therefore has its own individual cost.

Studio "Dream-Line" provides a full range of web services in a complex, so you do not have to look for several contractors to implement a project of any level of complexity.

You can order a website in the web studio "Dream-Line" by phone: +38 (063) 277 77-59 or by writing to the mail: office@d-line.biz

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