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Now, the development of the site and its development is the key to the success of your organization. Despite this, site owners do not really want to make efforts to develop the site, but they want to be in the TOP positions of search engines.

 So what prevents the development of the site?

       The owners of the sites take a lot of money to optimize, promote sites, although often the owners themselves do not know where their money goes. And what is the likelihood that the SEO studio will take you to the TOP position for the desired request? Naturally, it all depends on the specific search query, the quality of the material on your site, etc., but in most cases they are all displayed in TOPs. But the guarantee that you will last there for a very long time is not enough, because competitors are not asleep and also want to show off at TOP positions. After all, they also take certain actions to get ahead of you. All this can and will not lead to anything, because everyone is already forgetting about the site, its development and users, and obsessed with the desire to get around competitors.

 Develop the site, and everything will be fine!

1. The right approach and a suitable theme for the site

Often, those projects that initially correctly approached the creation of the site are successful. That is, they created a site on a topic that was interesting to them, close, etc. What would be interesting to work with him, fill, cherish, like a child.

2. Website update schedule

You need to make a schedule of updates, because if a user visits your site and receives useful information, then he will certainly come back again to find something new. And now we need to take care of new material that will be useful to your regular users. It should appear with a certain frequency so that the visitor is guided. If a person is used to the fact that once a week you have a new promotion, article, product, then they should be next week.

3. Hire a site administrator

It’s hard for the site owners to keep things up to date with the site’s updating, often they don’t succeed. Therefore, we recommend that you hire an administrator who will monitor the order and updates on the site and successfully complete them.

4. Explore user needs

Install a forum or chat, for people - this is another reason to talk, and for you - get the necessary information about what is interesting and useful to them.

5. Interactive communication, promotions, contests

If the theme of your site allows, arrange contests, sweepstakes, promotions - this is always interesting for the client.

6. Collaborate

Collaborate on favorable terms with other companies, ideally with competitors on mutually beneficial terms.

7. Integrated approach

Develop in different directions. Let everyone be interested in your site.

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