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Studies conducted by Factum Group Ukraine in the field of visits by Ukrainians to the global network have yielded results confirming the steady growth of Ukrainian Internet consumers.

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The first few months of the new 2016 provided a figure of 60% of the total population of Ukraine, mostly people from 15 years old. Which is almost 23 million people in Ukraine.

Speaking about the separation of age categories of network users, young people under 30 make up one third of Internet visitors, people from 31 to 45 years old - about the same. Citizens make up the bulk of the users of the World Wide Web - about 70%. Residents of Ukrainian suburbs and villages now also have fairly affordable Internet penetration - about half of all residents of such territories.

Specialists in the study of this issue also note that the popularity of using mobile phones to access the Internet is growing every month. About 25% of users get into the network via mobile, but the most popular are personal computers and laptops - more than half of the Internet audience.

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