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The organizers of the museum of computer viruses are security experts, they claim that now the viruses of the last century are absolutely safe. Viruses from the distant 80s and 90s are now touching, since in those days virus hackers developed them only for entertainment and to improve their skills.

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The collection of ancient viruses has about 80 samples. Now you can safely download emulators of old viruses to your computer and see how they behave.

Viruses of those times made themselves felt by announcing to the "infected" owner about penetration into the machine in various ways. There are those who wanted to play the game with the victim, and if the host computer wins, the virus does not harm the computer, if it is lost, the virus deleted the infected files. There was also a virus that migrated through computers using floppy disks, blocked the computer and displayed the phrase "Frodo is alive!"

The realities of modern viruses are such that their goal is far from entertainment with a share of humor. Now viruses are aimed at stealing money or important documents. The viruses of our day are developed mainly by special services, not amateur hackers.

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