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According to the results of an international study, in the outgoing 2015, Ukraine topped the list by the number of IT workers in Europe. Compared to 2014, this year there are 20% more workers in this field, which is about 90,000 developers. The analysis of this situation is as follows: by 2020, an increase in IT developers is expected to be 2 times.

IT industry statistics

According to the results of last 2014, the scale of exports in the field of software development totaled $ 2.3 billion. In addition, about 100 R&D institutions operate in Ukraine. These are international companies from around the world from various fields of activity, such as industry, electronic business, software development and computer games, as well as communications.

Ukraine boasts excellent educational institutions in the field of information technology. Specialists graduating from universities have a good base and motivation. The rather young age of Ukrainian IT employees is surprising - from 20 to 36 years. The level of English is usually high. There is an impressive number of self-taught people without special education.

This analysis, the most ambitious today, involved about 100 Ukrainian IT companies.

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