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Site transfer from Tilda.

The last two years in Ukraine have been actively using the Tilda service, it was a convenient block website builder that allows you to make a simple landing page, a business card website and even a simple online store without programming or working with Photoshop skills.

With the start of the war in Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions on the RF, not only the moral need arose to transfer sites to other services, this is also due to the security component, because the site on Tilda does not actually belong to its owner and can be blocked at any time, or data can be accessed by third parties.
For security purposes, most Ukrainian users have started looking for an alternative to Tilda and transferring their sites or creating new ones on reliable platforms.

How is the transfer of the site from Tilda?

If you have a business package, you can download the site and transfer it to another hosting. To do this, you need to download the site archive in the settings in the export tab.
When exporting, you get static HTML and all necessary files (images, CSS, JS). The site is archived and a link is created to download it. Download the archive, unzip the files and copy them to your server. You will get a site that will open on your server and will not depend on Tilda.

At the same time, it should be taken into account that the feedback forms, user account, product cards and the shopping cart will not work during the transfer. The code after porting needs to be finalized.
It is possible to transfer the site on your own without the involvement of specialists, but you cannot do without the help of professionals to restore and supplement the functionality.

If you use a free plan on Tilda, it is impossible to transfer site data, you only need to create a site using a different constructor or using CMS systems (for example, WordPress).

How exactly to replace the Tilda constructor?

  • Weblium is the Ukrainian analogue of Tilda, with the same simple interface, and has more than 300 website templates. Relatively inexpensive, has a convenient block editor, provides access to a library of free icons and images, available online store functionality, integration with Ukrainian marketplaces.
  • WIX - service was created by Israeli developers, it is widely distributed abroad. Intuitive designer with flexible settings. It also has functionality for e-commerce, the price depends on the need to accept electronic payments, there is a free limited functionality. Unlike Weblium, there is no integration with Ukrainian marketplaces.
  • Horoshop is a Ukrainian service for creating an online store. It has all the functionality necessary for an online store: a catalog, a shopping cart, a personal account, promotion management, analytics, and also available integration with Ukrainian marketplaces. The price includes a monthly subscription fee and an initial payment for setting up and transferring the site (as of June 2022, there is a promotion for the initial payment).
  • Shopify is an online store builder from Canadian developers. This service is mainly focused on the markets of the USA, Canada and the EU, it has many different functions designed to increase sales of online stores, in addition to standard product cards, 3D modeling and augmented reality are also available. Advanced functionality has a corresponding cost, in addition to the basic subscription fee, the service also charges a commission on sales. There is no direct integration with Ukrainian marketplaces.

Which service do we recommend as an alternative to Tilda?

It is impossible to say unequivocally that this particular service will ideally replace Tilda. Most clients with landings and business card sites choose Ukrainian Weblium for transition, others switch directly to Wordpress, it is more complicated, it takes more time to develop, but this is a world-famous CMS that allows you to create a full-fledged website, expand its functionality without the risk of looking for another one in a year constructor and start over.
For online stores, as a rule, an individual approach is used, since Tilda was more likely to be designed for small catalogs, it was difficult to create a full-fledged store there. Therefore, for store relocation recommendations, a preliminary analysis is necessary to determine what is right for your business.

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