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This question is asked by many. Try to find answers on the Internet or ask friends. But in any case, everyone approaches this issue exclusively in their own way, relying on existing experience.

In fact, this is a very serious matter, because the creation of a site is the creation of a kind of representative office (branch) of your business on the Internet.

How to choose the right web studio? Not just for a one-time creation of a site, but one that did everything with high quality and came to the rescue in “difficult” moments.

First of all, you must decide which studio you need - an elite class, a small private studio or an individual who is an outsider in the market for such services.

The most preferred form for small and medium-sized businesses is small private firms. They are also suitable for large corporations. Similar web studios have already settled in the web market and have the image of stable professional teams. In fact, small private firms provide the same range of services as elite studios, but at a more reasonable price.

So, what is an indicator of a good web design studio?

1. A decent site representing the studio. After all, this is a clear indicator of the studio. It does not have to be filled with a variety of lotions. Elegance and simplicity - that's what matters!

2. Portfolio. Review which sites the studio has developed. How difficult they were. Are there any portals, online stores and various online services, if so, then this already means that you are dealing with professionals. And if you need to create a business card website or a corporate website, then the developer will cope with this task without problems. It is also worth seeing if there is a mention of a developer’s studio on sites that are in the portfolio. It is usually located at the bottom of the pages in the footer. You never know what ...

3. Search engine optimization (SEO). In the Internet business, search engine optimization has a very important role, and the site is primarily created as a business tool. Looking at the fact that search engines add the largest share of visitors to sites, it’s just that SEO tools must be present in the CMS of developers - optimizations that allow you to correctly form the "title" "description" tags, as well as page URLs and headers.

4. It is necessary to clarify whether there is an office and where to be, no matter what you are fooled.

5. Verify the cost, because free cheese is only in a mousetrap. And not always what is cheap is effective.

6. Find out the duration of work in the market and it is advisable to compare it with the number of studio work.

7. Website support. It is not enough just to create a website - it also needs to be maintained in working condition after creation.

Important is the ability to provide a hosting or hosting department. If you order a site in one studio, and hosting in another, then in case of problems with the site you will not find the culprit, everyone will pull the blanket over themselves.

If your chosen web studio has all of the above advantages - feel free to order the creation of a site from them.

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