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IT-Cat news January 2022. Selection of news.

Holidays are over, work is in full swing. And we have collected the most interesting news for January 2022, in our blog - the "IT-Cat news" section.

Interesting fact № 1. Google vs Apple.

Back in the “distant” 2020, information was published on the Internet and the world media about Apple’s plans to create its search engine, which theoretically could compete with everyone’s favorite Google Search. And in 2022, this story took its toll, Google has filed a class-action lawsuit for violating US antitrust laws, which refers to the conclusion of a non-compete agreement with Apple. Given the fact that Safari is one of the most popular browsers in the United States, to avoid competition, Google allegedly paid Apple under a non-compete agreement to suspend the development of its search engine, which could seriously compete with Google Search and deprive the company of the lion's share of profits from advertising. (from auth. The budget of companies for advertising in the USA is measured by 6 digit numbers)
While it's no secret that Google is paying billions of dollars to become the default search engine on Apple devices, the exact terms of the deal have never been fully disclosed.
(Source: www.prnewswire.com)

Interesting fact № 2. Quality assessment for multilingual sites.

During a developer stream, Google employee John Mueller answered questions about ranking multilingual sites in the search engine. According to him, the overall assessment of the site's quality is affected by the content of all versions on the same domain.
Thus, when we fill the site with high-quality content in Ukrainian, this has a positive effect on indexing and quality assessment, while in the case when a low-quality translation of the same content is placed on the English version of the site, this negatively affects the overall assessment of the quality of the site. In other words, all content must be of high quality. As you know, Google “does not like” machine translation of the text.
(Source: https://youtu.be/MrgtKt4u8nk)

Interesting fact № 3. Voice search.

Voice assistants Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa are already used in mobile gadgets, but in 2022 the percentage of users will increase. Emarketer, a large US market research company, conducted an analysis, as a result, in 2019, 33% of the population used a voice assistant in their daily lives. This tool provides ease and comfort in comparison with manual typing. Agree, it's easier to ask a query in the search field, just by saying the keywords. This technology will only progress and become an SEO trend in 2022.
(Source: web-promo.ua)

Interesting fact № 4. Google My Business affects local search.

Google My Business is a service that contains information about the company for users of the Google Maps search engine and navigator. During the stream for developers, Google employee John Muller also noted that the quality content of the company profile in Google My Business has a positive effect on the local indexing of the site. To rank well in local search results, optimizing Google My Business is just as important as optimizing your entire site.
(Source: https://youtu.be/MrgtKt4u8nk)

Interesting facts №5. News from the world of social networks.

№ 1. Instagram is a game of tags.

The developer of the Instagram app, Alessandro Paluzzi, tweeted about the new functionality. The social network will make it possible to edit the grid of posts, pin publications in the profile header. Look for new features in the settings.
They will also allow you to delete your pages directly in the application, and you can choose: just disable your account or delete it completely.
A “Reactions” sticker will appear in the story, how it will differ from the current palms and lights is not clear yet. At the moment, the functions are being tested and are not available to everyone.

№ 2. TRUTH is a new social network from Donald Trump.

The launch is scheduled for February 21, 2022, the US national holiday "President's Day". Everyone remembers how Trump loved to make noise on Twitter until he was permanently banned. Truth Social will be similar to Twitter. Users will be able to post what will be called "truth", with the ability to attach photos and links to articles and videos. The usual "retweet" will be renamed "re-truth", and the news feed will become "truth feed". We wonder how Twitter will behave: close its eyes or sue.

№ 3. Instagram plans to add two more feeds.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that he was testing two additional recommendation feeds on the social network. In total, three tapes will appear in user accounts:
Home is an algorithm-based recommendation feed.
Favorites - a feed with the content of authors whom the user has added to favorites.
Following is a chronological feed with subscriptions.

№ 4. Paid subscriptions on Instagram.

Instagram has begun testing the paid subscriptions feature, which will open up an additional opportunity for bloggers to earn money. Now a limited number of Influencers will be able to offer their audience access to exclusive paid content on their page. This feature is currently only being tested in the United States.

№ 5. Advertising on TikTok.

TikTok has become the most popular among young people in 2021. Many companies have begun to actively explore the advertising cabinets of the platform to attract a new audience. TikTok is actively updating its advertising account by adding new tools. Hashtag targeting. Now in the advertising account, you can configure the display of ads to the audience based on the hashtags viewed. TikTok Instant page. A lightweight mobile web page loads 11 times faster than a website or landing page. Instant Page TikTok is designed to simplify the user experience and fully immerse the audience in viewing content. Instant Pages offers many templates that you can customize by editing components such as text, image, video, carousels, and call-to-action buttons. (Source: https://ads.tiktok.com/help/)

№ 6. Less negativity in TikTok feeds.

In 2022, TikTok plans to change the algorithms for displaying the recommendation feed. The number of users of this social network has been actively growing since 2021, especially among the youth audience. The developers announced a change in the algorithm when displaying content to reduce the impact on the psyche of young people who do not “stick off” from the smartphone screen when watching short videos. The new algorithm will optimize the display of videos to avoid showing the same type of emotionally depressing content that can harm people. For example, videos about loneliness or videos with strict diets.

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