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The procedure for creating a website and a clear study of the stages are the key to the success of the entire project. Perhaps, to an unknowing user, it may seem that website development is easier than easy. What is so difficult here - I conceived the design, laid out it, filled it with some kind of text and everything is ready. But in reality, each stage of website building is hard work, for which every developer from the web studio team is responsible.

Website building

The website building steps include design and programming and a detailed analysis of the project, cooperation with the client, and the search for solutions to achieve the desired result.

The main website building steps:

  1. Defining and setting goals and objectives of the site

    For the successful development of the site and its subsequent effective use, it is necessary to discuss everything in detail, determine the goals, and clearly formulate the tasks of the future project.
  2. Creation and development of technical specifications (TS)

    The terms of reference are the basis for the preparation of which the customer's assistance is needed since every specialist involved in the development will rely on this document.

    The specialists of the studio "Dream-Line" can always prepare the Terms of Reference for the development of the site, which will ensure that the client receives a high-quality and positive result. The written Terms of Reference are always attached to the contract.
  3. Prototyping

    The creation of a prototype is due to the urgent need to think over the structure of the future site with a detailed arrangement of elements and navigation before starting work. This will make the site interface more user-friendly and intuitive.
  4. Website design

    Site design

    The stage of website design development is responsible for the visual component of the resource and is one of the most important stages. The first thing a website visitor pays attention to is the design. Actually, guided by his first impression, the user decides to stay on the site or leave it.
  5. HTML Coding

    The front-end developer uses the HTML language to transform the finished design into a working project. The resource gets life, becomes dynamic, active, working. The site becomes responsive for any browser and device. At the same stage, CSS styles are created.

    HTML coding

    Further, the resource is connected to the control system. With its help, pages, categories and subcategories of the project are created, the order of operation of the menu tab is determined, hyperlinks are placed. The site receives a final structure that will be presented to users.
  6. Programming

    The programming process is a stage that combines design, interface and site management system. Also, the portal logic is "created", the algorithms for the interaction of the user with the site and the relationship of the page with external resources are written. That is, at this stage of development, the design layout is transformed into a full-fledged website.

    Site admin panel
  7. Basic content filling

    A website without content is like a house without a roof. The filling stage involves translating the content into the required format and placing it on the resource pages. Materials are prepared in advance. They can be written by both copywriters and the owner of the site or anyone who knows the specifics of writing texts and owns the art of words.
  8. Site testing

    Without testing, it is impossible to determine whether the site is working correctly, whether any mistakes were made during its creation. The tester carefully checks the entire functionality of the site using certain criteria. If errors in the testing process are identified, they must be eliminated by specialists working on the creation of the site.
  9. Technical support

    When transferring a finished project, specialists train the client to work with the admin panel. After that, the owner can completely independently publish new content, create pages, post products and use the rest of the resource's functionality. If you have any questions, the development company is always ready to help you figure it out. Also with regards to bugs, if they suddenly appeared after the release of the site, the technical support team will immediately fix them.
  10. Delivery of the finished project to the client

    If the client is satisfied with everything and after the training, there are no questions left, the web studio sends all the necessary information, for example, passwords and access to the site.
  11. Domain registration

    If the client does not have a domain for the created site, the web studio "Dream-Line" is ready to offer selection and registration services in international, Ukrainian and country domain zones.
  12. Hosting provision

    If the client does not have hosting for the created site, then the web development studio "Dream-Line" will also provide a place on its super-fast SSD servers in the data centers of Ukraine and other countries.

As you can see, website development is a rather complicated process. The quality of the entire resource, the ratio of the desired to the real, the client's impression of the web studio, and further cooperation depend on each stage and its error-free implementation.

You can order website development in the "Dream-Line" web studio by phone: +38 (063) 277 77-59 or by writing to the e-mail: office@d-line.biz

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