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More and more often today, owners of Internet resources are faced with problems of site security and unauthorized access to their resource. The consequences of all these actions are often deplorable and unpredictable.

For example, there may be problems such as damage to scripts, making various changes to existing databases, and, most importantly, replacing or losing important information. In these and other cases, it takes a lot of time to fix errors and restore the resource, moreover, the help of qualified specialists will simply be needed.

That is why, in order to avoid hacking by hackers, it is necessary to ensure the safety of your resource in a timely, correct and competent manner. What is needed for this? Just follow a few simple safety rules that will prevent hacking an Internet resource, as well as save existing information on it

What does site security mean by itself?

First of all, when testing the site’s security, they check the correct server settings, thanks to which you can protect yourself from virtual hooligans. In addition, it is necessary to very carefully use various scripts and modules that may be in the public domain or come from dubious suppliers or intermediaries. Therefore, it will be safer to entrust the introduction of changes to the program to an experienced programmer, rather than then spend a lot of time and money on solving problems.

The next step that you need to pay attention to is the control over how pages of your resource are indexed. Because every day the search bot crawls sites and removes pages from the system that contain malicious scripts automatically. To check such pages, you can use the Webmaster Tools service. If he finds such errors, then you should fix them and remove the dangerous programs. After that, you can contact the technical support service of the search system and ask for re-indexing your pages.

You also need to take care of an equally important protection, like a site security certificate (SSL). The presence of this certificate makes it possible to avoid the theft of logins and passwords that provide access in the administrative part of the resource, as well as to make sure that users visit exactly the site that they need, and not a fake copy of it. You can order a site security certificate at any company that specializes in such services.

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